Harvard University Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology





Welcome to the Magnetic Resonance Facility of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology,

Harvard University, in the Laukien-Purcell Instrumentation Center.

We are located in the basement of Naito Laboratory, Room B05, 12 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.

Currently, we have 9 spectrometers in the facility. These are listed in the following table:      


Agilent DD2 600/(DD2-600)
Varian Unity/Inova500 (I500)
Varian Unity/Inova500B (I500B)
Varian Unity/Inova500C (I500C)
Varian Mercury400 (M400)
Varian Mercury400B (M400B)
Varian Mercury300 (M300)
Bruker ElexSys E500 EPR  (E500)
Bruker Avance 700 (A700)



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